Friday, 7 June 2013

Study Visa : Help please with a study permitt expiry

Hi I hope some can help life is seeming pointless.

Me, my wife are currently in canada we are here on my wifes study permitt she has finished scholl with top grades(passed with honurs) she now has to find a job by July. Her job search is not going great she has applied for countless jobs but it is such a slow process.I am currently working and love my job but its is in sales so not skilledMy son 5 yrs old is in a great school and is also doing extremly well.We are living with my parents you have been in canada now 6years.I want to know come july I have to stop working we really dont want to go back to England we wanted to live our lives here we are so happy and everything is great we have not been in a trouble.I want to know is there anything we can do to say in canada?I am sure my wife will get a job offer soon just the unknow is so upsetting can some help

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