Friday, 7 June 2013

Study Visa : Overstayed visa for a really long time..

Sorry about your situation.

You can't legally work in your current situation. You also cannot attend university or college. To be able to attend university or college, you'll need a student visa. Given how long you have overstayed in Canada, that student visa will never be granted (if anything, it will draw attention to your overstay and trigger a deportation order). For similar reasons, a work visa will never be approved for you.

I don't think 'wait' is good advice. Things aren't going to magically fix themselves. There have been talks recently in the US about amnesty programs for those who are in the country illegally. There have been no such talks in Canada and you shouldn't expect there will be.

If your family wants to stay, your parents would need to become permanent residents by qualifyng to immigrate through one of the immigration streams listed below:

I supposed you could try applying for PR through the Humanitarian and Compassionate process. If you consider doing this, I would consult with a good lawyer first to see what your chances may be. If you apply and are refused, you'll be sent home.

If you eventually marry or live with a Canadian, that Canadian could sponsor you. But it sounds like you're still years away from that phase in your life.

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