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Preparatory programmes (18 or 36 weeks)

The English Language Course is designed to provide students with the required English language capabilities (6.0 academic IELTS) in order to undertake BA and MA degree programmes at Stenden university or at other universities and colleges.

Stenden University, programmesThe English Language Course provides you with the necessary language skills to operate effectively in the Netherlands and in Europe. All graduates of the English Language Course will receive an unconditional Letter of Acceptance that allows you to enroll in the regular BA and/or MA programmes of Stenden University.

Stenden University is the official Cambridge examination center for the North of the Netherlands. A certificate of ability in the English language from Cambridge is your globally recognized qualification in the language.

The English Language Course enables

Raise the level of your English to an academic IELTS 6.0;Improve your English and personal communication skills;Gain information about the European culture and Dutch language, culture and customs in particular;Increase your awareness of cross cultural differences;Socialise you in the Stenden university environment;Familiarise you with the chosen management sector and the education method of Problem Based Learning (PBL); Receive a certificate that grants you access to BA abd MA programmes at Stenden university.

The English Language Course runs for one semester (18 weeks) or two semesters (36 weeks) and consists of intensive classroom study. The programme contains different instruction forms such as lectures, workshops, PBL, meetings, practical training and language labs.

Students are also expected to spend considerable time on selfstudy activities. Assessment takes place in different forms, including written and oral testing and project assignments that culminate in an IELTS test.

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